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OpenStack Summit 2015/Fall TokyoのGeneral Sessionの投票が始まりました。

投票は、JULY 30, 11:59 PM PACIFIC までです。

After One year of OpenStack Cloud Operation (NTT DOCOMO)
NTTドコモ 五十嵐様、NEC 元木様

Requirements for Providing Telecom Services on OpenStack-based Infrastructure
NTT西日本 木村様、Canonical中島様

NFV Service Federation across Heterogeneous Sites

Multi-AZ HA of Trove DB Instances with DRBD

Fluentd vs. Logstash for OpenStack Log Management

OpenStack Networking Enhancement for Carrier Cloud

Preemptible VMs on OpenStack

Continuous deployment & benchmark for your OpenStack with Chef, Cobbler and Rally

Auto Healing in your OpenStack with Container and Consul

Real-time log streaming analysis in OpenStack Cloud

NTT’s journey with OpenStack

OpenStack at NTT Resonant: lessons learned in web infrastructure

The Power of Secret Sharing to Protect Your Data on Very Large Scale Storage Systems

A CI/CD Architecuture Template to Develop and Manage Variety of OpenStacks

NFV-enabled Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) Services for Enterprise

Gohan: An Open-source Service Development Engine for SDN/NFV Orchestration

Evaluating High Performance Software Switch with OpenStack

Telco usecase for Congress: VM HA

NTT Data
Kirin user story: Migrating mission ciritcal applications to OpenStack private cloud.

Know-how of challlenging deploy/operation NTT Docomo’s mail cloud system powered by OpenStack Swift

Metadata Search on Swift: How to search massive data with scalability and availability

The cold storage product using optical disc accessed with Swift API

Dynamic application deployment using Docker and OpenStack

Korejanai Story: How to integrate OpenStack into your business strategy

Effective IoT system on OpenStack

Academic Cloud and Inter Cloud Architecture using OpenStack

Introduction of Network Flow Management by Neutron Extension
NEC 鳥居様

Openstack Neutron – Baremetal Server Network Provisioning
NEC 元木様

Event based alarming in Ceilometer

How we can implement NFV features in OpenStack?

Is Inter-Cloud really worked across China-Japan-Korea?

Gaming as a Service with OpenStack

The simple way to develop stateful and scalable applications on OpenStack

Ironic towards truly open and reliable, eventually for mission critical

One Operation, One Line log

Neutron and Ironic: Security-group for Baremetal server

A new network packet logging mechanism for security-group and FWaaS – The admin and tenant users will be able to audit their network activity

Network Node is not needed anymore – Completed Distributed Virtual Router

How to provide a third party plugin to OpenStack

Network performance problem in Openstack neutron

Live Migration of a VM with PCI passthrough-ed devices

ELK and Monasca Crossing: Logging as an OpenStack Service (Roderus)

Japan’s Smart DataCenter, powered by Openstack and Midonet, to deliver On-demand video streaming services

Are the world’s Fourtune1000 enterprises ready for Openstack based cloud-ready-blocks?

A VC take on OpenStack growth and opportunity across Asia

Neutron Choices: Time to boldly go toward better networking

OpenStack as a Business : OpenStack business trends and co-opetitive business development

VA Linux
Jump Starting SDN Applications in OpenStack

How S2 decided to use OpenStack in their services.

Yahoo! Japan Builds an OpenStack Enterprise Storage Architecture for Japan’s Largest Internet Portal

Ceph in production for the risk-averse

The leading edge reference architecture of Ceph as enterprise-grade

Accelerating Public Cloud Services by OpenStack in Japan

ZFS storage on an OpenStack Public Cloud “ConoHa” by NexentaStor(TM). Implement live backup system.

Introduce LBaaS(Load Balancer as a Service)

The solution of Networking Problems in an OpenStack Public Cloud “ConoHa”

Multi location implementation of OpenStack

Introduction of GMO Internet customization

ConoHa: Making GSLB – OpenStack Designate and PowerDNS

Providing APIs to the cloud customers

A Swift Cluster behind multiple OpenStack systems.

SDN for Web Services Companies: Ready for Prime Time? Moderated by Eric Hanselman, 451 Research

追加: Macnica&NESIC
Best Practices of Building OpenStack Clouds from Around the World

OpenStack as proven and open-souced Hyper-Converged OpenStack

Production workloads in Murano: SugarCRM

OpenStack Controller HA Deep Dive

Implementation of Blue Green Deployment on OpenStack

Case Study: A multi-vendor Hosted Private Cloud Solution powered by OpenStack

Ask the Experts: Are you ready for containers?

Ask the Experts: What is the future for OpenStack Storage?

AVG Technologies Orchestrate deployments with OpenStack

Testing Beyond the Gate – Validating Production Clouds

Ironic and Cinder Integration

Best practices for moving traditional bare-metal/virtualized environments to OpenStack

Efficient Image Management using Cinder Volumes for Virtual and Baremetal Machines